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Jan 28

Community Leaders Notes Week 2


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Please let me know how I can support you this week in your communities! Remember to think through and discuss with your communities what it will look like this week to be together in word, together in fellowship, and together in outreach!

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  • How are you doing? How do you feel about your community being together in word? Fellowship? Outreach? What has gone well in your community so far? What challenges are you facing right now? Where do you want your community to be? What are this week’s next steps? The Goals I am going to communicate to my community this week are... Ideas: Consistent weekly time + location for a meal What intentional questions could I ask in this time? Think through your own schedule this week. Are you already spending time with any non believing friends? Who can I invite from my community into that time? Have a time during Bible Study where one person gets to share their testimony each week. Lead by example! Helpful Principles For Bible Study Have people discuss in pairs/small groups often! Ask open-ended questions As the leader, don’t be the last person to talk after you ask a question, and don’t answer every question. Ask people to read what they wrote down in their study Ask follow up questions (See Below) Rationale: Why do you think that? What is the reason for that? Predictive: What do you think would happen if… Support: How do you know that? Where do you see that? Rephrasing: Can you think of another way to say that? Redirecting: What do the rest of you think about that? Don’t ask leading questions- Don’t make your study feel like they have to guess what you’re thinking! Encourage members to ask each other questions For This Week- Focus on Observations and Questions! Don’t worry if you don’t spend much time on insights. Here’s how I’d break up this weeks study. Ask : What did you like about what you read in Acts this week? What was it like doing this Bible study method? Hard? Exciting? Challenging? Talk about Observations in 1:4-8. (10 minutes) Ask the group: What was your favorite observation in this section, and why? Turn to your partner: Share all of the questions you had about your observations in this section. Ask the group: What is a witness? Turn to your partner: Do you think the progression in verse 8 is significant? Why? Talk about observations in 2:1-13 (5 minutes) Turn to your partner, and share with them your observations about setting, characters and plot Ask the group, What was your favorite observation in this section? Talk about observations in 2:14-36 (20 Minutes) Ask the Group: Let’s see how many observations we can make in this section. (You keep track) Ask the Group: What are all of the questions that we can make about our observations of this section? Turn to your partner and discuss: What is the purpose of Peter’s speech? What is the main point of Peter’s speech? Summarize (2 minutes) Turn to the person next to you and share what you wrote down for your summary on page 17 Connect (3 minutes) Turn to the person next to you and share what you wrote about each of these topics. Tell the group that each weeks lesson will end with this. Build Convictions (5 minutes) Turn to the person next to you and share what you wrote for your conviction and application Ask the group: Would any of you be willing to share what your conviction and application was for this week? Pray